Our goal at The Islands Massage is to help
you rejuvenate and relax, maintain your health,
diminish soft-tissue pain created by stress and
anxiety, and provide you with a renewing
Enjoy the comfortable facilities
and the relaxing atmosphere of
the Tropical Islands.
Our state-of-the-art Massage Table has thick
Memory Foam and an Ultra-soft leather cover
over a Pre-Natal Design for maximum luxury.
Heated table warmer and Sheepskin fleece pad
complete the experience.

A Wrap Room table and a Massage Chair
are also available.
The Islands Massage
Day Spa and Salon
Enjoy the spacious  Sauna in our spa
room, complete with private bath and
shower facilities. And relax in one of
our comfortable lounges.

Chakra Prayer

Open your Mind and Spirit to the Universe
That you may See and Understand the Joys
and Mysteries therein
So that you may Share them with Others
with Understanding
And Hold them in your Heart with Love.

May you have Strength and Courage and
Wisdom to see you through each day.
May you know Joy and Happiness and Love
and Family.
May you have a firm connection to Mother
Earth and draw Strength
To hold in your heart with Faith and

Go in Love and Peace with
Balance and Harmony
In Mind, Body, and Spirit.

                   Steve Reid
Come in and meet our friendly therapists:
Cheryl, Clara, and Steve.
We keep growing to serve our clients better.

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We have temporarily added a new
massage for our clients:
A Grief Massage especially for
post-election Grief and other emotions.
We are offering this at half the price of
our regular Signature Massage so we can
help more people :
30 minute Grief Massage for $15.00
60 minute Grief Massage for $30.00
90 minute Grief Massage for $45.00.
A great way to deal with the negative
energies and keep them from settling into
muscle memory and becoming chronic.
All in a Safe, Understanding,
Non-Judgmental, Relaxing setting

Notice: Hot Tub Heater died...
Hot Tub out until replacement parts arrive

Mon - Sat 9 to 9
Sun: 1 to 9