Signature Massage
The Islands Signature Massage combines
many different styles of massage into one
flowing comprehensive experience. You'll
enjoy Swedish, Deep Tissue, and
Tapotement. There will also be some
Cranial-Sacral, Myofacial Release,
Lymphatic Drainage, and Reflexology.
and, of course, some Hot Stones. All
combined to provide with the best
relaxation and therapeutic enjoyment. No
need to make decisions or's all
there already for you. Along with a few
other Signature touches to make our
Massage stand out for you.

$ 35.00  -->  30 minutes
$ 60.00  ~>  1 hour
$  85.00  ~>  1 ½ hours

Swedish Massage
The full-body Swedish massage is an ideal
treatment to reduce tension, help increase
circulation, promote relaxation and
increase flexibility.  The massage
techniques will be personalized to your
specific needs.

$ 30.00  -->  30 minutes
$ 50.00  ~>  1 hour
$  80.00  ~>  1 ½ hours

Deep Tissue Massage
Deep Tissue massage techniques are
aimed at addressing therapeutic concerns,
injury treatment, and releasing chronic
tension patterns. The massage will include
slow, deep strokes, compression, and
trigger point release.

$  40.00  -->  30 minutes
$  70.00  ~>  1 hour
$  95.00  ~> 1 ½ hours

Herbal Wraps
Pamper your body with full-body
Herbal/Mud/Charcoal/Paraffin scrubs and
wraps. Great for detoxification and/or to
remove inches.

$  80.00  ~>  1 hour
$  95.00  ~>  1 ½  hours

Ear Candling
Ear candling is a natural, non-intrusive
procedure that may help alleviate the
painful effects of chronic headaches or
sinus conditions, ear infections, allergies or
vertigo, as well as minor hearing loss due
to excessive earwax build up.

Couples Massage
We are one of the few spas in the
area where you can get a couples
massage.  Imagine you and your
partner lying on separate tables while
each receives a complete relaxing
therapeutic "Islands Massage." You
both experience the romantic joy of
being massaged at the same time.  
This is a perfect his and hers
massage for an anniversary
celebration, or a great
mother/daughter gift.

$ 120.00  ~>  1 hour
$ 160.00  ~>  1 ½ hours

Pregnancy Massage
Relieve tension and stress on your
lower back and other areas as your
body adjusts to carrying your baby.
Modified massage for swelling,
specific aches and pains and stress
due to normal pregnancy.  Second
and third trimesters only.  Special
Prenatal massage table even allows
for more comfortable positions.

$  65.00  ~>  1 hour
$  95.00  ~>  1 ½ hours
$ 280.00  ~>  Pre-natal Package (5
one hour massages)

Add On Services

Hand or Foot Paraffin       $  5.00
Cupping, 1 area                $  5.00
Spa room use (Sauna)

**Bathing suit required for use of  

Add Aromatherapy to any massage for
an additional $5.00.

Specials for Groups
of 4 or more!!!
Hot Stones Massage
Heated stones in various sizes are
gently run across the body in a soothing
rhythmic flow to melt away stress while
relieving tense muscles and sore joints.

$   70.00  ~>  1 hour
$ 100.00  ~>  1 ½ hours

By massaging specific pressure points
on the hands and feet corresponding to
individual parts of the body, this ancient
Oriental treatment relieves stress, while
releasing energy.

$  35.00  ~>  ½ hour
$  65.00  ~>  1 hour

Sports Massage
Massaging techniques are designed to
benefit muscles by realigning muscle
fibers, improving range of motion,
helping to heal scar tissue and flushing
toxins from specific muscles.
Pre- and Post-event.

$  65.00  ~>  1 hour
$  95.00  ~>  1 ½ hours

Cupping Massage

An adaptation of Traditional Chinese
Medicine Cupping, this technique is
very effective in moving lymph fluids
and loosening muscle issues without the
deep pressure. Cupping is very
beneficial for many conditions such as
high blood pressure, anxiety, fatigue,
chronic headache, fibromyalgia and
neuralgia.  Useful for treating stretch
marks, scars, and cellulite deposits.
Very relaxing and beneficial.

$  10.00  -->  10 minutes
$  35.00  ~>  ½ hours
$  60.00  ~>  1 hour

Seated Chair Massage

Short on Time?
Come in for a Quick Pick Me UP!!

5 minutes         $5.00
10 minutes       $10.00
15 minutes       $15.00

We customize the session to meet the client's needs.
Spray Tan

Mystic Tan spray tan for a beautiful quick
tan. Lasts 10 day - 2 weeks. No orange
coloring like self tanners. Smooth even
natural looking tan.                 $35.00