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Sunday, April 28, 2013
name = John McEuen
comments = while in Wilkesboro to perform at Merlefest with my band- Nitty
Gritty Dirt Band (our 47th year) I needed to get my plantar faciitis foot (well,
both of them) worked on, not knowing if I could find someone who knew what to
do. I feel very fortunate to have found Islands, and Steve. He is one of the
best massage therapists I have encountered in my path that has seen many. With
130 cities a year average, I try to find therapists often, but rarely one this
good shows up. Sure, they can all help, but now I look forward to the next
booking at Merlefest because I can go back there again. He is dedicated and
knows not just what to do but why.. and can explain it all. Feel bad? Go there..
you will feel better. If you dont then you must like feeling bad!

Thursday, January 5, 2012
name = Lillian
comments = This was my first massage and will not be my last!!! I have never
felt so relaxed,Steve was WONDERFUL!!!!!that 1 hr was the most relaxing hr that
ive had in yrs.

Monday November 29th, 2010
name = Rita
comments = What a wonderfully relaxing experience. Steve is absolutely amazing.
I have had massages in the past, but none to compare with this one. I would highly
recommend Steve and The Islands to anyone and everyone. Thanks Steve! I can't
wait until the next appointment.

July 2, 2010
Hello Steve;
I recently read some comments about our health fair.  Many were expressing gratitude
for the expanded massage schedule and specifically appreciation for you and your
expertise.  “Steve Reid was wonderful.”   I hope some employees have followed up by
scheduling massage at your spa.  Thank you for participating and for your tireless
Cathy Wayand, MSN, ANP-C
Nurse Practitioner
Health Center Manager
Lowe's Corporate Center Wilkesboro, NC

name = Debbie Church
comments = Just wanted to take a moment to let everyone know I just experienced
the signature massage from the Islands Massage.  It was absolutely heaven on
earth.  An entire hour of relaxation (something I have a really hard time
doing).  I highly recommend that you treat yourself or your loved one to a
massage from The Islands.  It would be the perfect birthday gift, Christmas
gift, anniversary gift or a great "just because I love you" gift.  Rest assured,
I'm going to tell my husband that I would prefer the gift of a massage for every
occasion (I'm thinking I'll give myself a gift as often as possible too).  I
enjoyed it so much that I told some of my friends that I would be tempted to
"spend the grocery money" on it!!  LOL  Try it soon, I guarantee that you'll go
back for more.

name = Deanna (niece)
comments = I have only experienced The Islands Massage on the road. (Uncle)
Steve brings all the gear and does massages at every family event and recently
made the long trip with massage gear loaded up for my wedding weekend. He
massaged and did hot stones for my whole wedding party= what a treat! It's
amazing how many massages he can do back to back! With our big family it could
be hours and hours on end and late into the night! You never meet a massage
therapist who cares more and works as hard as Steve! You will feel better even
if you didn't know you were hurting in the first place! It's amazing! If you
don't try out The Islands Massage you are missing out on some serious
relaxation!                                                                                                       June 6, 2009

name = Sharon-
comments = I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to everyone and what a great gift to someone.  
Valentine's - Birthday - Anniversary - Christmas - or just a "I thought of you"
gift, for someone else or YOURSELF.
I have fibromyalgia, and pain specialist told me to try massage for the pain.  
The first time, it hurt some, but that was muscles needing a massage.  Later
that week I found I could move with lots less pain.  Steve has worked with
others that have this disease, and knew the pressure points to concentrate on.  
I make it a regular part of my week, it is worth every penny.  Speaking of, they
are less expensive than others that I have gone to, and yet much BETTER.  They
have so many services, and options.  Steve and Cheryl make you feel like a new
person with the massages.  And know what they are doing.  My confidence in them is
Again, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND The Islands Massage.                                   January, 2009

name = Stephanie M.
comments = I am extremely jealous you all have Cheryl in your own back yard.  I
had the pleasure of having her as my massage therapist for the past 6-7 years
here in Northern Virginia.  I miss being able to call her when I need an SOS
massage--for either relaxation or working on strained muscles!  She is a an
excellent therapist! Not easily replaced!                                                              April 24, 2008

name = Janice
comments =  I've had massages and herbal wraps before many times, but the herbal wrap I got at
Islands Massage has got to be the most decadent thing I've done in my life.                March, 2008